Hello there!

I used to use this site as a directory to all my other blogs that were dedicated to different types of posts, but that eventually became too difficult to manage, so for convenience, I decided to import all those blogs into this one.

Since I’ve put everything in one place, it can get cluttered in here. Therefore, the posts are divided into different categories: Blog, Music, Photography, Poetry, Pop-Culture, Prose, and Reviews, then divided into subcategories based on year or topic.

To filter through the posts, use the category navigation above or on the side. If you want to see what’s new or¬†scroll through everything all at once, click on the All Posts tab.

Over the years, I haven’t been as consistent as I’d like with updating these blogs, so as of now, most of the content on here is outdated. I will be putting up newer content, though, so be on the lookout!

About Me

In case you happened to randomly stumble across this website and don’t know who I am, my name is Khiem Nguyen, I am a first-generation Vietnamese American born and raised in Southern California, I have a B.A. in both English and Asian American Studies, and I’ll be working towards an M.A. in English Creative Writing. I have been a member of three student organizations: Vietnamese Student Association, Northridge Creative Writing Circle, and Anime Club. I also worked on my university’s literary magazine, the Northridge Review. My career goals involve teaching and/or publishing. My hobbies are everything you currently see or will eventually see on this website: writing poetry and ¬†sometimes dabbling in prose, taking pictures of nature and at various club events, writing about and discussing many different aspects of pop-culture, playing guitar and pretending I can sing, and maybe also drawing every now and then.

Thanks for visiting!