The First Step

Throughout my life, I’ve created about a dozen blogs, using several sites, such as Xanga, Blogger, Livejournal, and now, WordPress.  There would be periods of time where I’d blog frequently, and other times where I’d completely forget that I even had a blog.  My latest blog, before this one, was on Livejournal.  Going back there today, I realized that while my friends were posting and interacting with each other just like always, my latest activity on the site was back in June.

These past six months were really different for me.  It was my first semester at college, so of course, the transition from high school to college was a big one.  The environment was completely different, and I was given more freedom as well as more responsibility.  But the biggest difference was I wasn’t comfortably surrounded by people I’ve spent years developing friendships with.  Of course, there were a lot of people at my college who went to my high school.  However, all of my closest friends went to different colleges, and so I couldn’t help but feel like I was alone.

What was really strange was that, even though I felt this loneliness, I didn’t put any effort to really keep in touch with my old friends, nor did I really try to get close to any new ones.  There were people who I had multiple classes with, who I would talk to in between classes, hang out, and eat with, and even one who I went to a show with, but ultimately, I didn’t build any close relationships with anyone.

These last six months were marked with a great idleness, in more ways than one.  I didn’t post in my blogs.  I didn’t write any poems, lyrics, or reviews.  I didn’t read any books, not even my Sociology textbook.  I didn’t go out taking pictures of random things.  I rarely picked up my guitar, to improve my skills or to compose songs, and I was a Music major.  There were so many things that I enjoyed doing, but for some reason, I just stopped.  I didn’t keep in touch with old friends, I kept too safe a distance from my new friends, and didn’t do anything creative, at all.

Now, it’s a new semester, a new year, a new decade.  I’m a sophomore, even though it’s still only my second semester in college.  I switched from a Music major to an English major.  So much has changed in the past six months that I want to go back to where things were.  I want to be creative again, writing poems, taking pictures.  I want to talk to people, and actually have real conversations with them.  I want to keep in touch with friends old and new, and try to get to know even more people.  I see this blog as taking the first step.  Hopefully I’ll be living up to my own words.

As with all my previous blogs, I intend to use this for many things.  This will be a place for me to: write about everyday life; post reviews about the things I watch, read, and listen to; and post the things that I create, whether it’s the newest poem for my Creative Writing class, a new set of pictures for my Photography class, or some new tunes I just happened to write.  I hope that my friends can follow this blog, despite all of them being on Livejournal and Facebook.  However, even if no one reads this, I’ll continue posting, because it’s just one of those things that I enjoy doing but haven’t been doing for far too long.


2 thoughts on “The First Step

  1. Austin

    Khiem, Ive been having similar feelings since starting at CSUN. I will say though I’m way happy to have met you and the others that were in Smith’s class last semester, so I think we should def get to know each other better. I also felt pretty idle, idk why though. I used to like drawing and making music, but a lot of first semester felt like it was more for being engaged with adjusting to college. I actually found myself composing and drawing today, and it was a rush for me. I think its because I’m finally somewhat comfortable with CSUN. I look forward to seeing you sometime soon and reading your awesome material that will be posted here.

    btdubz heres my schedule:
    Monday/Wednesday: University Chorus 11-12:15, Orchestra 1-2:30, Wind Symph 3-4:30
    Tues/Thurs:8-9:15 Musicianship2, 10-10:50 piano2
    Friday: 8-10:45 Music in Film, 11-1:45 AAS crit thinking

    hit me up!

    1. xkhiemster

      Hey Austin! I have class on Monday/Wednesday from 9:30 through 3:15 and Friday from 8:00-1:45, so we should definitely try to meet up on Fridays. I’m also glad that I had a chance to meet all the cool Music majors, and that I’m not the only one who felt idle last semester. Thanks for pointing out that it was probably due to us just getting accustomed to our new surroundings, I didn’t think of it that way and it totally makes sense.


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