Missing: Laptop Case

I met a really nice girl today, under some pretty strange circumstances.  I left an on-campus coffee shop without my laptop case.   Just when I was about to go home, I realized that it was missing.  When I went back to the shop, it was closed, but I could see the case on the counter where I was sitting.  I went to the bookstore next door (this is all in the same building complex) and asked if I could go in and get it.  I was informed that the gates were alarmed and was redirected to the snack shop just across the book store where the cashier there would be able to call around so that my case could be returned.  And that’s where I met her.

I told her of my situation, and she immediately started looking for some numbers to dial.  As she was calling around, she still managed to get to her customers.  It was awfully busy at that time, especially considering today is Friday, when practically no one is at school.  Once the number of customers started dwindling, she began closing up the shop, cleaning the counters, putting things back in order, waiting for a call back from someone who could help me get my case.  Through all this, she spoke to me very kindly and never showed any sign of frustration.  Between calls, she even started some small conversation about laptops, what brand I liked to use, and stuff like that.  It really helped me stay calm.  In retrospect, I probably looked scared out of my mind.  After about a half an hour of at least half a dozen phone calls, I was finally reunited with my laptop case.  Once it was all over, I thanked her twice before proceeding on my way home.

I don’t really know why I felt like sharing this little experience of mine.  Maybe I just want to contribute to Black History Month a few days early by saying how African Americans are still writing their history in this country, through  small acts of kindness toward the people they meet every day, and that these acts, insignificant in the long run as they may be, can remind us that we should all treat each other with kindness and respect, regardless of age, gender, race, or sexual identity.  Maybe I just want to remember a time where I felt like I’d lost all control and someone who I never met before was there to help.  So to everyone reading this, whenever you meet someone at the other side of a cash register, no matter how bad your day is turning out, remember to say “Hello,” “How are you?” and “Thank you, have a good day.”


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