Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down

I used think I was really good at remembering lyrics.  After listening to a song enough times, I’d read through it once or twice, and then be able to sing it in the shower almost perfectly.  I’m probably still good at it, but I wouldn’t know because I haven’t read lyrics in such a long time, despite having listened to a lot of new music.  Also, I haven’t been singing in the shower nearly as frequently as I would about a year ago.  I haven’t really been singing a lot, period.

A long time ago, I did some recordings of covers I’d play and sing.  After a while, I got tired of how my voice sounded through the speakers, because it sounded so different from what I was hearing when I sang to myself, and it didn’t sound very good.  When I was still hoping to start a band with my high school friends, I was convinced that I’d get someone else to cover vocal duties, because I knew that I was a bad singer.

I let one of my friends hear one of my recordings once, and she said my singing was a bit flat.  At the time, I didn’t even know what that meant.   When I was in Musicianship class last semester, we had to do a lot of singing, and I had a lot of trouble finding the right notes and the relationships between them.  My professor even said that if I wasn’t planning to change majors, he’d have been really concerned because I wasn’t anywhere near the level I was supposed to be at if I was to continue on as a Music Major.

I watched the last couple episodes of American Idol.  I normally wouldn’t watch the show, but I was bored and nothing else was on.  I laughed at how so many people who lacked talent still had the guts to go on national television, and then even talk back to the judges when they were told they didn’t have what it takes.  But then some of the contestants really did have some serious talent.  If I went through the audition process, I wonder if I’d make it through the first round.  I’d probably have my own little segment like the “Pants on the Ground” guy because I’m so horrible.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Fall Out Boy recently.  I love Patrick Stump’s vocals, he’s easily one of my top ten favorite singers.  I’ve been singing along to a lot of the songs, or however much of them I can, anyway.  As awesome as Pat’s vocals are, it’s difficult at times to understand what he’s singing.  I mean, I’d have some idea of what he says, then when I listen more closely, or when I look up the lyrics, it will be something totally different.  Anyway, I’d imagine that a lot of the band’s more mature fans listen to them because of Pat, regardless of how much they hate Pete Wentz (and boy, does Pete have a lot of haters out there).  Not only is Pat an amazing singer, he apparently plays a lot of the lead guitar parts at the same time.  I wish I were half as talented as he is.

I mentioned in my last post about how HeyKelsey inspired me to pick up my guitar again.  I didn’t mention how I also started singing again.  I’ve been thinking, it’s always been in the back of my head that I’d put up some videos of myself on YouTube doing cover songs and whatnot.  Maybe it’s time I finally got to doing that.  I’m still kind of scared of putting myself out there, knowing how bad of a singer I am and how I’m only decent at guitar.  But when I think about those people who go on American Idol and don’t even make it past the first round, I think it’s time I did something gutsy for once, even if it isn’t something nearly as big as going on national television and making a fool of myself.  I mean,  I don’t have to be as good as someone like Patrick Stump to at least try.

But I don’t know.  Maybe.


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