The First Two Weeks of February

The first two weeks of February were pretty difficult.  In the first week, my friend said he’d go with me to see a play, but once I got the tickets, he told me that he wasn’t able to make it.  No hard feelings towards my friend of course, everyone makes mistakes every once in a while, and I know he’s been stressed out with schoolwork and all.  I spent the next four days looking for someone else to go with or someone to sell the tickets to, with no luck.  Once I finally found someone to give the tickets to, on the day of the actual show, I realized that I left the tickets at home, and that there’d be at least two empty seats that night because of me.  I was expecting my mother to scold me for being so stupid, but once I got home, she just smiled at me.  I felt like crying.

The several days afterward weren’t so hard, but they were overshadowed by the following weekend.  It was Valentine’s Day and I didn’t have a Valentine, nor did I even have a crush on anyone.  But more importantly, it was Lunar New Year, but due to family conflicts, which I’d rather not talk about, we ended up not celebrating this year.  I tried to convince myself that I was fine, that this holiday wasn’t as important to me as Thanksgiving or Christmas.  I don’t care about the money in red envelopes and wishing everyone a great year.  There’s just something about dressing up in fancy clothes, having a gigantic feast, and being around a lot of family, and I still kind of miss that.  But I don’t know, I’d like to think that what ended up happening worked out that way for the best.

I’ve been playing a lot of The Sims 2 lately.  When I first started out, I had some trouble keeping everyone alive.  It was tough trying to satisfy the needs and wants of multiple Sims at a time.  As I got more experienced in the game, I created more and more of my own Sims to control.  I started out with one household of three, and now I have eight people living in four houses and all interacting with each other.  It’s really fun choosing what jobs they have, what material possessions they own, choosing what they eat, choosing when (or even if) they sleep, shower, and use the bathroom.  I never thought it would be so much fun to play God and control people’s lives like that.  I don’t know if this has just become another of my many addictions, or if it’s just a means of escaping my own life.

Well, the past couple of weeks did have its ups.  I started meeting some new people in a few of my classes, and so far I like them a lot, so hopefully we’ll eventually become pretty good friends.  I added them on Facebook and everything, and we’ve been talking for a bit, so it’s been fun.  I’ve been getting along pretty well with two guys in my Critical Thinking class who used to be in one of my Music classes last semester, and also with several really cool people in my Creative Writing class.  That’s one thing I love about college, there’s so many people and they’re so diverse that you’re bound to meet people you like.  If it wasn’t for this, I don’t know how I could bear going to class every day, it would just be so boring.

For the first time ever, I’ve been following American Idol.  I don’t really like the format of the show, and how they focus on everyone’s sob stories so much.  There were quite a few people that I really enjoyed watching, and I was sad to see some of them go.  I am really excited that Andrew Garcia made the Top 24, he’s been my favorite since his audition.  I think it’s pretty obvious that he’s the fan favorite.  Last night’s episode was when the judges narrowed it down from 46 to 24 contestants who would finally begin to perform for America’s votes, and they saved Andrew Garcia’s fate for last.  Whoever decided to do this, whether it was the judges or the produces, smart move on their part, albeit really annoying.  I wouldn’t have watched the entire episode if they let us know if Andrew made it or not at the beginning of the episode.  So yeah.  Vote Andrew Garcia!

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