Cwice! The Sequel.

Creative Writing in-class exercise 6: Each group chose a picture cut out from a magazine, decided on the pictured person’s character name, and then each group member wrote their own story about the picture.  Then, the group members got together and made a composite story out of smaller sections of each of their own stories.  The picture my group chose was a perfume ad of  a woman in lingerie lying in a field holding a container of some sort of golden liquid. The part of my story that was used as the beginning of the group’s composite story has been underlined.

Allison reviewed her mission again in her head.  Objective A: infiltrate the Prince’s Palace.  Considering she’s lying half-naked beside the Prince, who is snoozing away on his bed, she was pretty sure that she’d accomplished the first part of her mission. Her next objective was to steal the elixir.  This shouldn’t pose as too much of a difficulty since she went over it a hundred times.  She got out of bed lightly and quietly in the darkness, making sure not to wake up the prince.  Then, she opened one of the drawers of a dresser and pulled out the elixir.  She marveled at the rich golden color of it, but before she could take it away, an alarm went off.  Without looking to see whether the Prince had awoken, she jumped out of the open window into the moonless night.  Hearing her pursuers close behind her, she made a sudden turn into an alleyway and hid her thin body in the shadows, listening for signs of her would-be captors.  When they apparently passed by without noticing her, she proceeded to carry out the third objective, which was to meet at the rendezvous point located in the field.  After what seemed like an hour of running barefoot, she lay down on the ground, holding the elixir with a blissful smile on her face as she waited for her colleagues to arrive and take her to safety.  Knowing that what she had just did would save millions of lives, she completely forgot that she’d left her favorite dress in the Prince’s bedroom.

Creative Writing homework assignment: to make a story or poem in the style of a ransom note, with lines cut out from a magazine.  The lines, however , must be taken and placed in a random order.  I used an article from Rolling Stone magazine predicting the outcome of the Oscars.

Creative Writing homework assignment: to write a 26-sentence story, each sentence beginning with the corresponding letter of the alphabet.  For instance, the first sentence would start with the letter “A,” etc.

Anna was brought into the interrogation room on a wheelchair, her wrists handcuffed in front of her.  Before, she was a beautiful woman, but now, it seems her crime has taken its toll on her.  Curious, isn’t it, how one event can change someone so drastically that they almost seem like a completely different person afterward.
“Daniel _____, 24 year old Caucasian male, died from a bullet wound to the head.  Evidence on the crime scene suggests that you killed him after he did, well, that, to your leg.  For the life of me, I can’t figure out why—why did he do that to you, and why did you have a gun in your purse in the first place?  Give me something to work with here.  Hopefully, what you say in this room today will help clear up this mess.”
“I went to work that day with the intention of killing him.  Just because.  Killing is something that I’ve been doing for fun for years now—spiders, squirrels, pigeons, dogs—and Daniel was my first human victim, but he was lucky and took my leg with him.”
“Lies.  My instinct tells me that you didn’t intend to kill Daniel.  No idea who you did want to kill, though, but I’m sure that the gun wasn’t for self-defense.  Open up now, tell me the truth so that we can put an end to this investigation.”
“Phillip _____ was the one I wanted to kill—Daniel loved Phillip, but I loved Daniel, and he knew it, and he figured out what I was going to do, so he did this to me, and I… I…”
Quaking, she put her face in her hands, and water trickled down her arms.  Really must’ve been hard for her, to kill the man that she loved.  Strange that things worked out that way, for Phillip was the one who first came to the crime scene, and he was the one who turned her in to the police.
“Thank you for being honest, you must be going through a tough time right now.  Unfortunately, we can’t let this case go on a count of self-defense because the murder was pre-meditated, even though the victim was unintentional.”
“Very well, then, if death is the consequence of my actions, then I will gladly accept.  We’re all going to die sooner or later, after all.”
“Xavier will escort you out now.  You know, you’re not the only one who’s felt unrequited love, but only very few would actually take it as far as you wanted to.  Zeal should be what drives our actions towards our loved ones, not jealousy, and I’m sorry you didn’t understand that.”

Creative Writing in-class exercise 7: same directions as exercise 4.  Buzz is 63 years old, has green hair and blue eyes.  Hunter is 21 years old and has blond hair.  Jack and Jill.  Setting: a farm, supper time, Hunter’s birthday.  There’s a tornado.

Buzz’s stomach started growling.  “Me hungwy,” he complained.
Hunter gave him an annoyed look.  “I’m sorry, father,” he said, “but we haven’t got any food left in the refrigerator.”
“Me hungwy!”  Buzz pulled at his green hair and squinted his blue eyes as he yelled.  “Me hungwy!  Me hungwy!”
“But we’ve already eaten everything, there’s no one around us for miles!”
“Me hungwy!  Me hungwy!”
“Alright, fine, I’ll go look for something.  Now don’t cause any trouble now, you hear?”
Hunter walked outside of the farm into a field of bones that covered every inch of their property.  He gave a sigh and then leapt into the woods.
Jack and Jill were traveling that night in search for a new home after a monster had eaten their parents and burned down their house.  Jill began sobbing as they walked in the twilight.  “Quiet!” her brother said.  “You’re going to get us caught!”
Just then, they heard a rustling in the bushes nearby.  They stopped in their tracks and stared silently in horror.
Those two will make a great supper, Hunter thought as he eyed the two teenagers from the shadows.  Without warning, he ran towards them, with a bloodthirsty smile on his face, bearing his long, sharp fangs.
Jack felt the pain in his shoulder as the yellow-haired monster that killed his parents dug its claws into his flesh.  Jill screamed.  “Run!” Jack told her.  “Don’t let it catch you!”
Jill watched in terror as her brother was smacked to the ground unconscious.  The monster looked at her with its menacing red eyes.
“NOOOOOOO!!!” she screamed.
Suddenly, a tornado fell from the sky and blew everything away.
Jill woke up in the middle of the night, in a start.  She looked around, but there were no trees, farms, bones, or monsters in sight.  She spotted her brother a few yards away, lying face down on the dirt.  She rolled him over.  “Jack?”  She nudged him on his good shoulder.  “Jack?”  Jack!  Wake up!”  Droplets of water fell on his cheeks.  His eyes remained closed.


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