He pointed to his heart and mind and ears

So, I have this huge crush on Meg Frampton.  I mean, of course, Dia is super cute, too.   But Meg.  Wow.  I spent a lot of my weekend just looking up random videos of their band, Meg & Dia, on Youtube, from interviews to live performances.  They are so adorable.  Today, I found that someone uploaded The Making of “Here, Here, and Here.”  I watched all of it, which was a little more than half an hour.  It was interesting to see their recording process, especially things that went into the making of the record that I wasn’t aware of.  It was also great to see the sisters and the guys talk about everything from the meanings of some songs to Jonathan’s apparently amazing pasta cooking skills to Meg’s bossy attitude in the rehearsal room.  There were some really funny moments where the band members would just hang out and joke around.

After watching it, I really felt like recording an album, or maybe like a four-track EP.  I have a couple dozen songs written over the course of about three or four years, and I’d love to get them out into the light.  I’d also love to just collaborate with people to make the songs better than I ever could make them on my own.  I was composing a few days ago, and it turned out pretty decent, albeit very repetitive.  I also just learned The Starting Line’s “Best of Me” on guitar, which I’ve been wanting to do ever since I first picked up the guitar.  I have no idea why I put it off until now.  Anyway, even with all this, I feel like I haven’t been very in touch with my musical side lately.  I feel like I need to record something and just put it out there in order to be satisfied.


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