We’re moving way too fast

Where did the past two weeks go?

I can’t remember what I did last weekend except that I went to Souplantation on Sunday.  On Monday, I went to see Green Zone and go do some shopping in Burbank with my brother.  On Thursday, I went to see Alice in Wonderland with one of my friends that I’ve known since high school.  On Friday, my parents and I went to Santa Ana to buy food and eat, and then continued on to San Diego where we ate at my aunt’s house.  On Saturday, my other aunt took us near the beach to go shopping at some really interesting artsy places.  Then, my mother, my aunts, and my cousins went to my cousin’s bridal shower, so my dad and I went out to eat and go shopping for a bit before crashing at my other other aunt’s place.  We ate dinner at my aunt’s house (the same house we ate at the day before) before my cousin took me to hang out with his friends for the rest of the night.  Today, we went back home, stopping to shop and eat at Santa Ana again along the way.  I wrote a third play on the car that I plan on using in class for the performance. Other than that, my spring break wasn’t very eventful.  On the days where I was at home, I was running, playing The Sims 2, making my poetry, photography, and reviews blogs, chatting with friends online, watching TV, and being angry at my group members for procrastinating so much on the project.

I’ve been catching up with some old friends from high school recently.  It’s such an amazing feeling to be able to reconnect with someone instantly as if the months in which we didn’t speak to each other were nothing, as if we were still really good friends who would see each other every day.  It felt exactly like it did before, to talk to someone close, someone that means something to me.  I’ve been missing that feeling a lot lately.


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