Remembering all the times that we spent together
I can’t help but feel it should’ve lasted forever
But now you’re gone and I’m still here all alone
Sitting here waiting for you to come on the phone

Why did you have to leave me here on my own again?
It should’ve lasted forever, why did it have to end?
I just want you to come back here and stay with me
So that you’ll keep me company and I won’t be lonely

Thank you for that summer when we had so much fun
I still remember what we did under that warm sun
We spent so much time with each other at the beach
Now that it’s winter you are totally out of my reach

I’d do anything right now just to hear your voice
Now you’re long gone and I guess I have no choice
But to move on and forget about you just like that
Why does having to give you up have to hurt so bad?


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