My Happy Ending

I believed all of your lies
And I fell for your disguise.
You just used me like a tool,
And you made me feel abused.

Remember the good times we had?
You know what, well screw that.
Did you think it would last?
Well too bad, it ended so fast.

I used to watch you everywhere.
Guess what? Now I don’t care!
I won’t make the same mistake
And I’m done playing your game.

We weren’t really meant to be.
You weren’t my one and only.
I thought you were really nice,
But now you’re as cold as ice.

Now I know that I was wrong
And you would never belong
Here in my heart, in my life;
So just get out of my sight.

I don’t want to see you again.
You are no longer my friend.
It’s finally come to an end,
And my wounds will soon mend.

Did you think I’d be lonely?
I’ll just find my one and only.
I’ll go look for someone new.
Someone that is better than you.


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