Night (Stay)

I’m walking in the park.
At night, the sky is dark.
No stars or moon tonight.
Black sky stretches so high.
I wish I was back at home,
Instead of being alone.
Nobody else is here
To take away my fears.
Dying to hear your voice
Here in this lonely place.

I look up at the sky
As clouds clear away.
The moon shines again
In its usual place.
Then I hear your voice
As it calls my name.
I look around the place,
Hoping to see your face.
And I am pleased to see
You staring back at me.

Words cannot describe
How I feel when I see
You standing before me.
What a lovely sight!
I’m no longer alone
And I feel at home.
You rid of my fears
And all of my tears.
I will spend the night
With you by my side.

As we sit side by side,
I hold your hand tight.
I stare into your eyes,
Sparkling in the night.
I’ll keep you in my sight.
Stay with me tonight.
We’ll watch time go by.
To me, this feels so right.
Look into the night sky;
Full moon shines so bright.


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