The Pieces Fit

I thought I found that someone
Whom our hearts entwined with love.
But she left me behind.
I couldn’t handle it
And I almost died.
Looking back on this,
How could I have missed
That the pieces didn’t fit?

I mustn’t give up hope yet;
There’s still little chance left
I have a strong feeling
Our fates will coincide.
If I just keep searching,
Maybe I will soon find
My true one and only,
That special someone for me.

When we have finally met
During a summer sunset
Suddenly I felt like
My heart, my mind, my soul,
They have all become whole
For the very first time.
I only wished this lasts,
But it ended so fast.

Soon she had found someone new.
And as for me, she was through.
Two of them walked away
And they left me here to stay
My piece, it fits then wears.
This pain I couldn’t bear.
It’s time to say goodbye,
This is my suicide.


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