This is the story of a girl
who felt neglected by the world.
She died a very tragic death.
No one heard her last breath.

After she had killed herself,
investigators found this letter;
written in it her last words.
This is how the letter goes…

“To whom it may concern:

Tonight I will commit suicide.
In this letter I say my goodbye.
Why am I unsatisfied with my life?
I will tell you the reason why.

They say love is for everyone,
but I’ve fallen in and out of love
so many times. It hurts so much
That I have decided to give up.

I’ve never felt loved in my life,
so I’ve become numb after some time.
I have lost my ability to feel
and I doubt that I will ever heal.

I guess this is goodbye, everybody.
You’re much better off without me.”

A boy cried as he heard the news.
Why he was sad, no one really knew.
While he held her letter in his hand,
he knew they would never understand.

As he sat alone in the darkness,
with feelings of guilt and regret
of the death he could’ve prevented,
he whispered silently to himself…

I never got to say “I love you”

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