These lines just come and go
Fleeting phrases of metaphors
Similes, personifications
Onomatopoeia and alliterations
Descriptions of feelings
And emotions with imagery

I’d find the right words to say
But they just don’t always stay
Long enough for me to pen them
Onto these empty pages of paper
I can’t remember what things I’ve said
Those words have long since left my head

I can’t decide which words to choose
That can describe my feelings for you
Using three words wouldn’t be enough
How I feel for you is so much more than love
If I could, I’d write something beautiful
But these fleeting words aren’t dependable

I wanted to write you a long letter
But I didn’t know what I should say
Maybe I should write about the weather
But it’s just the same as any day
So I’m left to stare at this empty paper
Hoping my words won’t go away

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