From the Outside

Again he stands there for me to see
As he stares straight back at me
I know exactly how he is feeling
And I can tell what he’s thinking

His compassion doesn’t show in his eyes
All they see is the anger and despise
But I see the pain he feels every day
The depression that just won’t go away

He feels forgotten, unwanted, rejected
As though to the world he’s not needed
Just another example of insignificance
He’s annoyed of his very own existence

His parents’ standards are growing high
He’s becoming a failure in their eyes
His grades are steadily dropping so low
He’s just not trying his best anymore

He doesn’t get along with his friends
Every girl he’d loved showed indifference
He’d always been an antisocial outcast
When will his loneliness end at last?

He sleeps and eats a little too much
When he already knows he’s ugly enough
His bad habits are making him grow fat
These things alone are making him so sad

He’s waiting on his whole world to change
But there’s no where to go in this maze
In the darkness, he can’t see the light
Everything about him just isn’t right

All his life, he’s been forever falling
Down through a dark and eternal abyss
A deadly disaster of his own creation
That’s soon to cause his self destruction

How can he possibly be so flawed?
Where did it all suddenly go wrong?
Did he deserve to live like this?
What had happened to his happiness?

I’ve been watching you for quite some time
I stare at you with these saddened eyes
From the outside, I’ve been looking in
I understand the situation that you’re in

I remember you weren’t always like this
You were a bright, friendly little kid
You had pretty good grades back then
And you got along well with your friends

To everyone, you were selfless and caring
And you used to be so playful, so happy
What happened to the boy I used to know?
Why did you change from what you were?

I care about you so much, yet you don’t know
I can’t stand seeing you like this anymore
And I can tell you hate it too, don’t you?
Of course, you feel the same way that I do

I want to hold you, embrace you tightly
And tell you that everything will be alright
I want to stop your endless, eternal crying
And wipe the hundred tears from your eyes

Your face shows your misery and depression
And I look at you with the same expression
I am nothing more than a perfect imitation
Because I am no more than your reflection


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