Making Sense

Love me, or leave me
But don’t break me apart
My heart is broken enough as it is
I don’t want to go through that again

Or should I leave you
And move on as fast as I can?
But I can’t do that because I’m sure
That you’d still want to be my friend

So I’ll just sit here
Patiently waiting for your call
But you have never called me before
I don’t know if I should bother at all

I’m doubting our friendship
Like a coward would do
You said you wouldn’t drift away from me
So why am I still so afraid of it?

Just hold me securely
In the warmth of your arms
And tell me that all this will be okay
Oh, please, would you do that for me?

I don’t want to get over you
I know I just can’t
So I’ll try my best to be content
With the way that everything is

I guess you should know that
This is who I really am
Full of contradictions when something goes wrong
I’d change myself for you if I knew that I could

I’m sorry if this poem hurts you
Writing it down, it hurts me too
But I’m just so confused about how I feel
Maybe writing it out will make it all make sense


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