Number Four

I’ve sent you so many messages
But there’s no use in you getting them
Because to you they don’t mean a thing
And you don’t seem to care about this

At first they were the words “I love you”
But now those words are no longer true
It changed into “Let’s give it another try”
At being friends, but then you let this die

I’ve made up my mind, I’m so over you
So now you can feel free to hate me too
Hatred’s what makes our world go round
If it doesn’t take us both underground

Let’s bury this now, remove it from our hearts
Come together for once to tear ourselves apart
Tonight’s the night that we make this all right
It’s time for us to say goodbye and goodnight

This is the fourth one I write about you
I’m being redundant, but all of this is true
Maybe now you’ll understand how I feel
And come to accept it, because this is real


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