All you ever do is push me away from you
No matter what I do I can’t get to you
This distance you put between us is getting longer
My love I used to have for you has gotten weaker

Please just tell me the truth
Cause I can’t wait for you
Forever, I won’t make it through
There’s gotta be something I can do
To get to you
But you’re nowhere to be found

All the damage that you dealt is way beyond repair
You never seem to care; you left me with this despair
And this wall you built between us is getting thicker
The chances that we’ll make it through is getting thinner

The best way to heal a scar is give it time
The scares you left on my heart take too much time
Every time they started to heal you make them deeper
The hatred that I feel for you has grown much stronger

I’m so sick of writing my songs about you
Before, there was one; this one makes two
I’ve wasted all my time thinking of you
So goodnight, goodbye, I hope I forget about you


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