With or Without You

These secrets and lies
And a deafening quiet
Have let this friendship
Slowly wither and die

Like a flower
Aged and wrinkled
Without the power
To live through winter

Our flower has died
In the early October
When the sun and rain
Had both gone away

The fire is still burning
The flame of your anger
And the flame of my love
Both scorching and vibrant

But I’m frozen by your words
And your empty presence
As you use your ice
To extinguish my fires

Can I melt that coldness
With the touch of my hand
Or with the words of a poet?
Or am I left with bitterness?

But I helped build this wall
Just as much as you have
As you say, it takes two
I can’t bring it down by myself

You never opened up to me
So I had done just the same
I threw away the key to the
Locked door of my own heart

No matter how much I miss you
Or how much I regret it all
You’re simply not there
Did you ever care at all?

All the little promises we made
All my hopes and dreams of us
They are broken, left forgotten
Just a memory is all that’s left

I see your face in my dreams
So clearly from my memories
And I wish I could forget your smile
And the twinkle in your eyes

The light in your eyes
Was as bright as the sun
But that light is now gone
As the sky is getting dark

The setting sun calls
For the end of the day
The end of a friendship
The end of a life

As I move on through the night
In the darkness of my thoughts
And the depression in my head
I’ll look forward to morning

When I’ll finally be able
To keep moving on to
The next chapter of my life
Whether with or without you

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