Writer’s Block

I wanted to write a poem
About how I first met
You in the autumn breeze,
Or how I smiled
Whenever I was near you,
Or how I laughed
Throughout our conversations,
Or how I felt
When you told me that
You liked my mix tape
I gave for your birthday,
Or how I missed you
Over the summer,
When we wouldn’t meet,
Or when I gained
The courage I needed
To finally spill
My heart out to you,
Or how I felt
You drifting away
As we would talk
A lot less frequently,
Or how I fired up
When you didn’t
Open up to me,
Or how I was shocked
When I finally realized
That I still wanted
To be friends,
Or how it saddens me
When I’m with you
And yet you still feel
So far away from me,
But I had writer’s block
For the last whole year;
Then again,
It seems the block had past
When I wrote this for you.

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