Before, I didn’t know how it felt
To be able to care about someone
More than I cared about myself
To want to be with someone so much

I didn’t understand why people felt
The longing to find that one person,
The special someone just for them
I was too naïve to understand love

Until I’d fallen in love with you
At the very first sight of your eyes
And I just knew that I would do
Just about anything to be with you

I’d talk to you every chance I get
Even if it meant asking simple things
Like “How’d you do on the math test?”
And I’d say “Hello” whenever I saw you

I wouldn’t follow you like a stalker
But I did always watch you from afar
To fulfill my overwhelming desire
And I hoped that I could be with you

You’re the epitome of perfection
With the kindest, brightest eyes
A heartwarming, cheerful smile
And a picture perfect posture

On the inside, you’re just as lovable
With your monumental selflessness
Your infinite knowledge and wisdom
And your charming sense of humor

And I just knew that I would do
Just about anything to be with you
But before I could even touch you
You fell into someone else’s arms

He had come from out of the blue
And became a wall between me and you
He would always be by your side
So I couldn’t be even if I tried

I still wanted to be close to you
Even if it meant being just friends
But even that was an impossibility
For he had taken you away from me

It was hard to go on with life
Knowing that you’d never be mine
I tried being blithe at all times
But I couldn’t ignore the pain inside

I’d endure those many lonely days
And the countless sleepless nights
Keeping all my heartache to myself
Believing you were happy with him

At first I was glad to know that
You found the person who you think
Is the special someone just for you
Even though I knew it wasn’t me

I used to think that I loved you
So much that I wouldn’t mind if
You were seeing somebody else
Just as long as you were happy

But now I have come to realize
That thinking that way isn’t right
I’ll do anything to let you know
I love you too much to let you go

I’ve decided that now is the time
For me to steal you away from him
And make you fall in love with me,
Show you the kind of man that I can be

What’s so good about him anyway?
Does he give you all that you could ask for?
Is he everything that I could never be?
What makes him so much better than me?

I’ll be brave, smooth, charming, funny,
And say everything you’d want to hear
I’ll be the person you’d want to be with
And you would always want me near

I’ll help you up whenever you’re down
And make you smile if you ever frown
I’ll protect you from all of the dangers
That could hurt you on the inside and out

Because I believe that I’m the person
Who’s the special someone just for you
And I won’t stop until I know for sure
That you will be happier here with me

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