When I was young, I was a clumsy
child who had always had scraped
elbows and knees from tripping and
falling, and my mother would always
give me band-aids to cover up the
bleeding wounds until they vanished
from the surface of my skin, and I
would forget that they were ever there.

If you didn’t take off your band-aids,
kept every one of them that you have
ever had on your body, would you be
covered top to bottom with band-aids? 
Or if you could put a band-aid on your
heart for every time you got hurt on the
inside, and didn’t take them off, how
much of your heart would be covered? 

Would your heart be so covered by them
that your heart would not be noticeable
under all of the band-aids that concealed
all of the wounds and scratches that coated
your heart’s surface? Would the scars be
so numerous and cut so deep that your
heart would be unable to beat and pump the
blood through your body to keep you alive?

I want to make your scars disappear forever.


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