Sometimes we become
Castles meant to be conquered
Putting up our tall walls
Made out of brick and stone

Not to keep everyone out
But to see who cares enough
To break down the barriers
And let themselves through

But you’ve closed yourself in
A castle that is impenetrable
With walls too thick and tall
For me to break down it all

While I do all within my power
To blast the bricks and stones
You persist in your indifference
As your walls remain unscathed

This bitter battle wages on
In an ongoing, senseless struggle
Where all is too one-sided
And you’re the potential victor

With such a strong defense
You’ve rendered me helpless
And no matter how much I try
I can’t get through to you

I told myself I won’t give up
But I’m starting to lose hope
With all my plans shot down
And every effort put in vain

I’m forgetting why I ever tried in the first place

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