Despicable Last Words

I was being a little too insecure
And I lost a lot of my self control
You were annoyed of being ignored
And that’s exactly what I did to you

And whenever I felt a little doubt
I wrote it in a poem like a bad habit
Knowing it hurts you when you read it
Things already said can’t be undone

The pain has already been inflicted
Way too many times in the past
And nothing can ever undo that
Not even this miserable poem

There are things I can’t take back
No matter how much I want to
Sometimes the phrase “I’m sorry”
Just doesn’t cut it, just isn’t enough.

Even so, with all my heart, I’m sorry
For all the messed up things I did to you
And every poem I wrote about you
This is the last one, I promise

I hope that you will be better off
Going on without me in your life
And I hope that I’ll be the same
But moving on was never easy

This is how I feel put into words
This is my stupid way of saying goodbye
This is my despicable poem of an apology
This is the last you’ll ever hear from me


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