At the end of September, the embers
Of the fire dies down, as the weather
Is changing with the seasons; summer
Is turning into autumn as the colors
Of the sun become the color of dried
Leaves as they are falling from trees.
The fire is dying down as the wind is
Picking up and the rain is pouring now
With its constant drumming sounds
And the earth is getting cold as it gets
Further away from the warmth of the
Vibrant flaming sun. Days are getting
Shorter and nights are getting longer
And the sky is getting darker faster now,
So it’s come time to say goodbye to the
Brilliant sunshine of a brighter warmer
Summer as autumn is coming through.
The cycle will go on, from winter to
Spring to summer to fall, so that every
September will signify the coming of
Autumn and the ending of summer, and
I never really liked the summer anyway.

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