It’s been a while since
I’ve talked to you, and
It’s been a while since
We’ve met face to face,
So I wanted to see you
Just to remind you that
I’m still alive. I know
We had agreed to sever
Our relationship, but I
Still feel an aching pain
In my heart from all my
Broken hopes of all that
We could have been but
Never became. I never
Felt that the word “us”
Ever applied to you and
I, no matter how much
I wanted to get closer to
You and become one. I
Knew you had your own
Reasons, and I had mine,
And I just knew that we
Could not be together for
Much longer, and so we
Both decided to end it all.
I began feeling so lonely
Since we broke up, so I
Decided to call you and
Ask you to meet me and
I was pleased when you
Said “yes.” We stand 
Side by side, looking up
At the endless black sky.
At first it felt awkward
To meet you once more,
But soon I began to feel
The connection we had
Between us that I felt so
Long ago. We see a
Star above that shoots
Across the sky, just like
The one we saw on our
Very first date so many
Nights ago. I remember
You told me then that
You felt butterflies in
Your stomach, a blend
Of nervousness and of
Excitement. You said
To me that if we made a
Wish upon the shooting
Star, it might come true.
We closed our eyes and
Wished with our hearts
For the thing we wanted
The most. I asked you
What you wished for,
And you said to me that
You wished for us to be
Together forever, and I
Told you that I wished
For the same thing. We
Shared our first kiss on
That one magical night,
When the moon and the
Stars shined heavenly
Above us. Remembering
Those ethereal moments
We shared together, I ask:
“Can you still feel the butterflies?”


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