When the flames had reached their
height, firefighters felt desperately
doubtful at the sight of the colossal
fire that took over the whole town,
thinking that it could not be put out,
but one of the firefighters was not
afraid, for she knew what started the
fire, and she knew how to stop it.

There was a boy who lived in the
town, who was neglected by every
person in the town for no reason
at all, no reason he could come up
with, and so he got so angry with
the world that he started the fire out
of a fiery vengeance, a thirst for the
destruction of everything in sight.

The firefighter found the firestarter
that was always being neglected by
the whole town, and she showed
him love, something he had never
experienced before, and he felt a
warmth in his heart, happiness, for
the very first time, and the flames
of the town soon died down, while

the candles in their hearts were lit.

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