The flames rose higher and higher
as they consumed everything in
their path, and the sky that was
once blue now turned black, but
not as black as everything that
had once been green.  Beams of
watery light shot out from hoses
from under mens’ arms, shot into

The fiery reds and oranges and
yellows that burned down the town,
engulfing everything and everyone
with a temperature ten times hotter
than the boiling point of water.
All the hard work put into building
the town was put to waste when the
flames burned it all to the ground.

It’d take more than just a few
hoses to stop the flames, because
those flames had been caused by
the seeds of hate buried deep
within a heart that’s never known
love, a heart full of pain and
sorrow from being so neglected by
every person that lived in town.

He started the fire out of vengeance.


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