All this time
I’ve been fooling myself
Into believing that
Everything was alright

But nothing ever really was

I tried to be invincible
And tried to build myself up
With the toughest of materials
So that I would be invulnerable

But what is built can be broken

I believed that
I was untouchable,
Unbreakable, that my heart
Wouldn’t shatter so easily

But oh how wrong I was

I thought that
I could be strong and
Be in control of who I was
And everything that I did

But my emotions were tangled

I did not want to
Let my emotions get the
Better part of me, and so I
Tried to hide them, ignore them

But they came up anyway

I wanted to be a rock
Standing still in the tide
When the waves came in
I wouldn’t be moved

But I’m so easily swayed

It worked for some time
Putting a mask over my face
Pretending to be someone else
And even fooling myself

But even I had caught on

I was actually happy when
I fooled myself like that
But I guess I just can’t
Keep on pretending to myself

Or maybe I could


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