He, She, They, Me


His voice is brave and smooth and charming
His words are clever and smart and funny
He knows whenever something is wrong
And knows just what to do and say to help

He does everything better than anyone
And he’s the guy that everybody likes
He’s the perfect student with straight A’s
And the perfect friend you could be with

All the girls like him, and even the guys
All look up to him and want to be him
He’s the man that I always wanted to be
But he’ll always be the opposite of me


She’s beautiful with her attractive eyes
And the perfect long dark brunette hair
She’s a dedicated student with good grades
And she has a caring, smart, fun personality

She’s the violin piano guitar prodigy
And she has a very diverse music taste
She has an outstanding drawing ability
And she even does some photography

She’s the girl that everyone adores
The one that all of the guys want
She has always been in my dreams
But she could never love a guy like me


The perfect guy and the perfect girl
Make the epitome of a perfect couple
They fell in love when they just met
And have stayed together ever since

Every day for them is the happiest day
When they are always side by side
They make everyone so envious
Even some adults are a bit jealous

They complete each other in every way
The love they share is the one I want
But it’s the one thing that’ll always
Be an impossibility for a guy like me


Some things just never change
I’ll never be who I want to be
And have the life I want to live
That’s just the way it is for me


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