In the winter, when the snow falls, covering
everything with a universal coating of white
fluff, when the wind blows harsh, bitter and
cold, when days grow short and nights grow
long, to survive and linger until the following
season, many animals tend to huddle together
so that they can share their body warmth with
each other to keep themselves from freezing.

The hedgehogs tend to suffer the most in the
winter because they cannot huddle up with
each other to keep themselves warm, for they
have long, pointy spines covering the skin of
their bodies, which cause them to struggle to
find a distance that will keep themselves warm
without hurting each other in the process, and
so they have trouble sharing their body warmth.

In human society, relationships between two
people can get complicated when they suffer
the hedgehog’s dilemma, where both of them
want to get closer to each other, and yet they
have difficulty doing so because they are both
so insecure towards each other that they are
unable to share their feelings and emotions with
one another, for fear of getting hurt later on.

Let’s both get rid of these spines on our backs.


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