no one

The full moon shone through the
clouds as they hung low above the
ground and water fell down from
the sky covering the whole
world with a universal inescapable
dampness and despite the moon’s
presence, the cold darkness of the
shadows could be felt everywhere.

One lone soul was lost in this
night, wandering through the
crowds of imaginary people on the
streets under the absent lights of the
city and he looked around every
corner of every building, through all the
windows and all the doors searching for
somebody, but he was all alone.

And all he wanted was to find
someone who’d protect him from the
monsters and ghouls living in his
imagination, and as water from his
eyes mixed with the ceaseless drops of
rain that covered the world and soaked his
clothes on this cold and lonely night, he
cried out for someone to help him, but

no one was there.


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