Now Press Repeat

This song’s been
Playing on repeat
For about seven weeks
I should listen to
Something else but
I can’t stop myself
This song makes me
Look back upon
All our yesterdays
The way things were
Before you went away
With that other guy
Before I could say
Those three words
I’ve kept to myself
For so long, for too long

This song was written about you and I
A song so sad it makes me cry
But I’m still listening and still singing along
And thinking about how we ever went wrong

Everything felt so
Perfect back then
Every day I spent with you
Was a day I can’t forget
No matter how hard I try
To forget about you now
I wish I told you about
The way I feel about you
But it’s a little too
Late for that right now
You’re already too far
Away from me right now
Maybe if I forget about
Everything about you
It wouldn’t hurt so much

I haven’t seen you
In about a month
And I miss you
A little too much
And would do
Just about anything
To see you right now
But you’re too busy
With yourself
And your relationship
With someone else
And I’m sitting alone
In this darkened room
Waiting for someone
To help me through

Why did we ever go wrong?


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