Null Set

You plus me
Doesn’t come up to anything
We were never meant to be
Added into a single equation
Where the ideal sum is “us”
You and I are the null set
We only share an emptiness
That cannot be expressed
Through science or mathematics
All that we ever had between us
Was a shallow nothingness
That can only be expressed
With a perfect circle and
A slash going through it
Where the slash divides
The circle into two halves
That will never more be
Parts of the same shape again
You and I are the separate halves
Of the once perfect circle
And the slash in between is
A wall that we had built
That separates us from one another
Once, I thought we could have
Completed each other
In ways that I couldn’t understand,
Like two halves of the same being
But in fact, we are nothing
Never were anything
And never will be again


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