You were the first to put out the flaming
resentment of my heart and replace it with
the fire of love, but when you left me, you
left behind scars on my heart that wouldn’t
go away, and for a time after, I tried to find
warmth around other people but could not
because the closer I became with anyone, the
more I was afraid of getting hurt yet again.

I got lost in a world full of darkness where
monsters and ghouls fed on my mind and
no one was there to respond to my cries for
help as the tears mixed in with the perpetual
falling rain, and then I met her and was drawn
in by her blue eyes, when I felt a connection
between her and I, but was reluctant because
the red from your body was still in my mind.

Since then, slowly but gradually, she wrapped
her bandages around my heart and I could feel
the scars slowly fade away as the monsters
and ghouls ceased to plague my imagination,
and she became the guiding light that helped
me through my world of darkness, and for the
first time since you died, I found someone who
showed me love and kept the rain from falling,

but I still remember you every now and then.

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