For as long as I can remember, the
rain was all I knew, and the entire
world was covered in an inescapable
darkness, where all the monsters and
ghouls feasted upon imaginations of
children, hopelessly helpless in the
loneliness of the universe, surrounding
them with only sorrow and despair.

I used to be one of these miserable
children who were lost and longing for
someone to help them in the epidemic
darkness of the mysterious world, until
you reached out for me and grabbed my
hand, led be out of that treacherous
place, took me away from the rain, and
showed me what it is like to be loved.

And now I can see that you are the
light that guides me through the
darkness, the protector of my
being from the evil spirits of the
world, the vanquisher of my
fears of all that is unknown, the
one I can come to where I can call my
home, but most importantly of all,

you are my sanctuary


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