See You In The Afterlife

Everything has been said and done
My head’s at the point of your gun
I got my blade’s tip at your throat
So close that I can hear you choke

And while I’m sweating and shuddering
And all the while I’m remembering
How it all came down to this
Let’s put an end to all of it

We started out as complete strangers
Who never knew a thing about each other
And when we had finally met
We became the closest of friends

But you had your secrets and lies
And knew how to make boys cry
I learned a thing or two from you
Like how to break hearts, it’s true

Lies come easy off the tip of your tongue
I’ve found breaking hearts a lot of fun
The cycle of blows repeats again and again
Until neither of us will have anything left

Well, you’re just a liar, and I’m just a fake
We do to each other what we can’t take
I hate you for everything that you do
And I get back at you, so you can hate me, too

These grudges we have run so deep
More than anyone could ever believe
So here’s where all of this is going to end
Because nothing’s better than sweet revenge

So go ahead and pull the trigger
And I’ll thrust my knife a little further
It’s time to say goodbye and goodnight
I hope I won’t see you in the afterlife


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