Swords are blades that are made and
used to take lives away from people,
and despite the fancy words you give
it, like saying that the sword is used
to save those that are in need or that
it is being wielded for a better future,
that does not change the fact that the
sword is a weapon used for killing.

It does not matter who the sword is
killing, because regardless of how
evil they are, the sword is still taking
away a human life, and every life has
an importance in the world. A sword
is a dangerous weapon that must be
controlled and protected or else its
humanity may be destroyed forever.

The sheath of a sword is important
because as it covers the sword, it also
protects the sword from being used
to the point of madness, restraining it
from losing its humanity and getting
too out of control from continuous
exposure to the flesh and blood of
killing so much for so long of a time.

Will you become my sheath?

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