Something More

There’s no more hope for
This broken heart of mine.
I will have to force
All of these feelings to die
Before I could let
This get a chance to grow
Into something more,
Something I can’t control.
I have gotten hurt
So many times before,
But it won’t happen,
No, not this time around.
I don’t want this,
I can’t take it anymore.
Throw away all of
These feelings out the door.
She’s so beautiful,
With her attractive smile
And her pretty eyes,
But I won’t let myself
Fall in love again;
I’ll deny the desire.
I’ll put down the urge
To introduce myself
And get to know her;
Let this fade away.
I will just ignore
All these feelings of mine.
I won’t talk to her
So she could leave my mind.
I’ll avoid her now
So that this will never get anywhere.


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