The Last Time

I hope that you’ll find
Your one and only,
Because it sure isn’t me.
I hope that he’s better
Than I could ever be,
Because you deserve to have
Someone better than me.

It’s time to say goodbye
To the sparkle in your eyes
That made them shine so bright
Under the moonlit winter sky.
Tonight will be the last time.
Wish I could see you one more time,
But we know this is the last time.

We’re gonna be alright,
It’s gonna be alright.
We’ll make the best of tonight
And spread our wings and fly
Into the February sky.
It’s just you by my side
For the very last time

Before we have to separate
And go our different ways.
We’ll be better off this way.
I know this must be hard,
But we have to be apart.
I’m not the one for you,
And you know this one, too.


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