The breeze blows your hair
And it hovers over your face
As it flies all around you
In a brilliant golden brown

You wonder why he’s changed
And caused you to drift apart
You wanted to keep in touch
But the distance was too far

Your eyes are bluish green
Like the color of the sea
They sparkle and glisten
From the sun’s reflection

You miss the way things were
When the two of you got along
You know that this is futile
But you don’t want to move on

And you stand in the sand
At the edge of the shore
Staring into the horizon
Waiting for the sun to fall

You want to reach out to him
But he is no longer there
You want him to feel you
But he just doesn’t care

And you watch as the sky
Darkens and fades to black
To become illuminated again
By the moon and the stars

And I’m still waiting here
To help you up if you fall
I care so much about you
But should I care at all?

And as I watch you from afar
I hope that you don’t notice
And yet a part of me wishes
That you feel my eyes on you

I want to tell you how I feel
But you’re still waiting on him
I’m having thoughts of giving up
But that won’t keep me from waiting for you


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