After the Rain

These fading sirens bring me back
To a room of blinding white light
I wake up to your trembling hands
As you’re holding my hand tight
An iris sits on the windowsill
Bringing back many memories

Do you still remember that day?
You said to me that the iris
Was the most beautiful flower
Especially after the rain
But the iris has such a short life
And too quickly withers and dies

You come to me and embrace me
Holding my head into your chest
I hear your heart calm and steady
Is my heart steadily slowing?
Then suddenly I hear you sobbing
And my own eyes start to water

My body is getting weaker
And you whisper to me “hold on”
I’m starting to doubt that I can
I do not want to leave this world
I’m afraid of leaving you alone
But I feel that my time has come

It rained so heavily last night
When metal and glass collided
But now all is becoming calm
I always loved how everything
Was more beautiful after the rain
I hope you remember me this way


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