Black and White

You tell me that your eyes are green
The color of the leaves of trees
I know the color of which you speak
But it’s something I’ve not recently seen

Back then I used to see just fine
Before I saw that flash of light
That had partially blinded my eyes
And now all I see is black and white

I don’t want you to stop talking
I have always been listening
Even though my eyes were wandering
My feelings for you are never moving

You tell me my eyes have turned grey
The only color I see today
It makes me sad that I am this way
But I can better hear the words you say

What is it like to have eyes so green?
Is green the only thing you see?
I used to adore the color green
But the color of your eyes I can’t see

I wrote this whole song about you
And all of the things we’ve been through
There’s nothing else left for me to do
Is there any chance that you’d love me, too?


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