Hello there my friend, may I ask you a question?
I know this might sound like blasphemy
But please don’t take it so offensively
I am asking this quite sincerely
When I say, “Have you seen God lately?”

I wanted to ask Him a few questions like
Why did you create us, or why do we exist?
What is our purpose on earth, or is there an afterlife?
What should we expect at the end of the exit?
But more importantly

Oh God, can you save me from myself?
I dug this hole too deeply and now I can’t get out
Oh God, can you wash away my sins?
I can’t quite forgive myself but I long to be forgiven
Oh God, can you show me the light?
I’m so lost in this world, and all I’ve seen is darkness

I’ve been lying to all the ones I love
I feel like I’m dieing because I can’t speak up
I don’t have what it takes to participate in this conversation
I can’t hear anyone because I’m too far under

Oh God, I’ve lost my way
I’ve lost sight of what they call hope
Oh God, I’ve lost my way
I don’t know what to call my home anymore

Oh God, can you hear me? I don’t know if I’m breathing
My friend, can you help me? I’m having trouble finding Him


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