Every Word

I can’t seem to put this into words
I could use three, but I feel much more
You mean so much more to me than that
It’s so hard for me to write a song
To tell you how I feel about you
But if I could write it, I would sing
Every word and have it all be true

I would always think of you at night
All alone, holding my pillow tight
I’ve been here for you, but you’ve been gone

I listened to your most favorite band
And retraced footsteps left in the sand
Hoping I could find a part of you
And there are times that I would call you
Just so that I could hear your voice
I’d give anything just to see you
Without your presence I can’t rejoice

When I’m with you, everything’s alright
In the darkest days, you give me light
But I haven’t seen you for so long

I’m sorry this isn’t good enough
But every word in this song is true
And so my heart is pouring out now
As I sing these sincere words for you


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