Eyes on Me

You’re holding me captive
Inside this small glass box,
Tall enough for me to stand,
But so narrow that I can’t sit.
I stand here, bang on the walls,
Yell until my throat is hoarse,
And stare into the darkness,
The only light shining on me.
I can see nothing around me,
Nothing except a pitch black,
But I can feel your eyes on me,
Studying every little tiny inch
Of my naked body as I shiver
And my stomach grumbles.
I rest my forehead on the glass,
My arms wrapped around me
In a futile attempt to be warm.
There is no sound to be heard,
Nothing but the sound of tears
As they betray me and escape
Onto the cold black tile floor
My feet are forced to stand on.
It feels like so long since I’ve
Seen the brightness of sunlight.
I’ve lost count of all the hours,
Lost track of the time of day.
Please stop this and let me out,
Let me feel again the warmth
Of your body as you hold me.
I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.
You’re gone.


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