Once, before Hikari went to sleep,
her father told her the story of a man
whose wings of wax had melted
when he flew too close to the sun.
If only she had listened.

Hikari’s little heart was held up by a thread

“It’s all your fault your father is dead,
if you hadn’t run away from home,
he would have never driven off looking
for you, and he would have never been
caught in that car crash.”

and as her heart got heavier and heavier,

“Why are have your grades been so low?
Are you trying to be a failure at life?
I’ve given you everything you wanted, and
you couldn’t even get a good report card?
I am so ashamed of you.”

the thread that held her heart was stretched,

“Why do you have to be so much
like your father, so clueless, clumsy,
and stupid? Why can’t you be more
like me? It would be easier to raise you
if you were more like me.”

and when that thread had finally snapped,

“Why do you have to push me so much?
Don’t you know how hard it is to raise you?
Don’t you know that I already have enough
to deal with, and now I have to deal with you?
I wish I would die already.”

she put a rope around her neck.

Once, after Hikari went to sleep,
her mother told her the story of a man
who told his son not to fly too high
and watched as his son fell from the sky.
If only she could listen.


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