I Cannot Believe

I cannot believe
That I could be so fortunate
As to have met someone as gentle and caring as you

I cannot imagine
How I would have been
Had you not come into my life and given me this hope

I cannot open
Up because I’m still scared of
Being let down, betrayed, and getting hurt again

I cannot stop hiding
Every bit of my true self
For fear that you will not like me as I really am

I cannot stop smiling
Too afraid to let you see
That I am nothing more than a shattered, broken glass

I cannot stop avoiding
You because I feel so unworthy
Of your endless kindness and your angelic presence

I can only hope
That you will see through my mask
And still be able to accept me despite my many flaws

I can only wish
That you will take me in your arms
Tell me that everything will be all right and mean it

I can only dream
That we’ll be together someday
Laughing as if there was nothing in this world for us to fear


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