The curtains rose for a spectacular show,
Full of wonderful and magical imagination,
A fantastic story for audiences of all ages
And characters of all kinds, shapes and sizes,
But the thing that everyone had come to see
Was none other than the most talented puppet.

The hero, the villain, the lover, the fighter
He had played them all, in blazing colors.
The rooms sold out for every performance,
His audiences laughed, cried, and cheered.
But despite his popularity, he grew tired,
Of always trying to be someone he was not.

Though there were many puppets like him,
He was well regarded as the best of them all.
He used to relish in all of the praise he’d get,
But after time, it mattered to him less and less.
His entire life, the stage was all he’d known,
But he decided he didn’t belong there anymore.

All of the other puppets tried to stop him
“You should not do this,” they had said,
“Live on, so you can fight another day.
It’s not worth it, to throw your life away.”
In his mind, he knew what it would cost;
But in his heart, he knew it must be done.

The curtains rose for a spectacular show,
Full of wonderful and magical imagination,
But once the play had at last come to an end
The curtains stayed up, the lights stayed dim,
And all but one of the puppets left the stage,
For this puppet was about to give his final act.

He picked up a pair of scissor as big as he
And lifted the blades up towards the strings.
As he cut the bindings from both of his legs,
He felt that he could no longer move them.
His last audience gasped, shouted, and cried.
The other puppets watched silently backstage.

Another string was cut, his arm fell to his side.
One more string was left, but he couldn’t cut it,
Because now, he only had one arm left to move.
“Are you sure about this?” said a voice from above,
The puppet nodded, then a giant hand descended,
Took the scissors from him, and cut the final string.

And so ends the story of the puppet who now lies
In a trash can, covered in dirt and dust, disfigured.
His old audiences soon found someone else to watch,
The puppets he performed with had since moved on,
But they will all remember the day that he broke free,
Paid the ultimate sacrifice, to stand for his beliefs.


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