Midnight Sun

I’ve been living in a world of darkness
Where I never get to see the sun
My whole life has been engulfed with sadness
`Cause I never get to have any fun

And everyday I just felt so lonely
With this emptiness I can’t contain
So I’m grateful that you’re here beside me
Keeping away the pain, yeah

You’re the light in the sky on the darkest of nights
A star that always shines
I can never believe how you’re always so kind
I feel like I could fly

And I thought I had nothing to live for
So what was the point in going on?
I sat there with my numbered tomorrows
Wishing I wasn’t missing a lot

It’s always been just me and my guitar
And the melodies that I would sing
Until that night you came under the stars
An audience for my voice, yeah

And someday my guitar will stop its tune
But you will still hear me singing, right?

I hope that you will always think of me
When you look into the setting sun
In the horizon above the rolling waves
Promise me you’ll never forget me


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